Carbamide Forte 100% Organic Spirulina Tablets 2000mg Per Serving – 180 Tablets

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  • ✔ CERTIFIED 100% PURE AND ORGANIC SPIRULINA TABLETS: Our Spirulina Powder that we use to make tablets meets rigid organic standards of major organic & quality certifying body. 100% Vegan and sustainable farming processes have been used with only plant based fertilizers.
  • ✔ PROTEIN RICH VEGETARIAN SPIRULINA: Spirunova is a Perfect Vegan Protein Source as it has the highest concentration of Protein (63.2%) than any other plant or animal. Each Serving gives you 1264mg of Protein.
  • ✔ HEALTHY DIGESTION & SKIN CARE: Chlorophyll present in Spirulina helps in detoxification, clearer skin & manages dark circles. Spirulina contains Amino Acids that support healthy digestion.
  • ✔ BOOSTS ENERGY & IMMUNITY: Since Spirulina tablets are loaded with proteins, it works as an energy booster & an excellent source of antioxidants which helps build your immunity.
  • ✔ IMPROVED HEART & BRAIN HEALTH: Spirulina helps support your heart health & brain health.

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